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Can you protect your hair during the four seasons successfully?  You sure can!!

Hair & Winter Weather

In hot summer months. Try a straw hat. It is important that your scalp breathes. This will also promote healthy hair growth. A constantly sweating scalp under hats can cause premature balding and scalp fungus.  Our Herbal Scalp Treatment allows your scalp to breath moisturizing and helping flakes.


Since cold temperatures can snap your hair like an ice sickle, handle your hair after it has thawed out. Wear hats lined with silk, fine satin, or 100% rayon in cold seasons.


On every occasion, wear a straw or cotton hat during spring & summer months. It shields the sun somewhat.

Temperature and your hair


The dry heat and the humidity can make your hair drab and dry. Humidity absorbs moisture from your hair and dry heat cracks and breaks the hair. Keep your hair deep conditioned. Try Ent’yce  products for the best conditioning and moisturizing.  Wearing a straw or cotton hats also helps to protects.


In some states and parts of the world, fall is when the hair truly breaks off. The hair also seems to have a build up on top of breaking. Use a En’tyce Rejuvenating Moisturizing and En’tyce Rejuvenating Shampoo.  Another way to rid the build up is to use our En’tyce Bentonite Clay Mast or ACV rinse.  Deep  conditioning regularly with our Deep Hydrating Penetrating Treatment.

The Beach, The Ocean

The ocean sometimes makes your hair feel fuller and softer, even into the next day. It doesn't dry out the hair as humidity does. This is if your hair is in good condition. Otherwise, keep your straw or cotton hat on to protect your hair.  Deep conditioning regularly with our Deep Hydrating Penetrating Treatment.